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How would you like to be able to get more donors to do just a bit more? Perhaps a gentle nudge to rise to the next level of giving?

Challenge coins have a very prestigious look and feel. Unlike the usual incentives, (plaques, t-shirts, coffee cups and the like) they will be a unique and timeless gift. And they will motivate some of your donors to reach up a lot more.

Here’s how:
First, for the same design and production costs we can produce challenge coins in a variety of metal finishes. So your campaign can offer the bronze level, silver level, and gold level for example. Though each level encourages the donor to increase his/her status through a beautiful and valuable looking gift, the cost of the individual coin remains the same.

1. Your challenge coin will look expensive but will be more affordable than most incentives. They will be more valued by the donor than a plaque but cost far far less.

2. The Challenge Coins are easy to present. You can present them at events. You can use them as table gifts. You can even mail them. We can create custom mailers and presentation boxes for you if you wish.

3. Your donors will display them with pride. Whether they carry them in their pockets or place them on their desk, your message will be on display for others to see.

4. Our Challenge Coins are exquisitely crafted. Unlike cheap “base-metal” coins these are struck from solid brass and carefully clad in a wide variety of finishes.. They have the weight and feel of a high quality coin. With color fill, epoxy coatings and jewel cut edges we can make your design a real work of art.

We are happy to create a superb design for you, free of charge, when you order from us. Or we can interpret your design in the finest detail and deep relief.

We are happy to discuss your fundraising program with you. Rick McCallum will help you through every step of your project. As a board member of a prestigious arts organization he has been in your shoes and will be happy to help you make your fundraising easier.

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